If you have not made your mind up  to come to conference this year we have  new editions to the programme.

An expert  on the mysteries of  our Mitochrondia  and the links with fibromyalgia, Dr. Sarah Myhill, a very busy lady, is making a one day flying visit to conference. She has agreed to take several sessions, including questions, while sharing her extensive   knowledge on this illusive topic.

If you want to know what your Mitochrondia  really looks like just add the word into the  Internet Google search  and it should appear in glorious technicolour. Where it lives  in the body  I have no  idea but I am sure we will learn that at conference. Always a bit of a mystery this…..

On a more informal basis Maxine, a group leader and one of our  regular delegates,  who has struggled to work full time, while living with fibromyalgia, has agreed to host an informal  chat to  share her experiences with folks  in a similar situation or those considering going back to work.

We have already mentioned the Benefits & Debt Clinic from 3pm on our first day only.

Moe help is at hand. We now have a HealthWatch visitor  who will  also be available on Friday afternoon 24th. In the past year we have heard several stories relating to the help HealthWatch has given to local FM groups.  With HealthWatch behind you, it does add quite a  bit of “clout” to your story. This is a great opportunity to talk and find out how the local HealthWatch can help you or  your group and where to find them.  We are also hoping to have a person from the Citizens Advice Bureau to answer some of  those awkward questions  on the Friday afternoon.

If you want more information about the Fibromyalgia Conference, read the earlier article with all the details of the speakers. Log on to

See you at conference. The weeks are flying by and Simon  <> is very busy with the late  bookings.  You can ring the HOTLINE  to reserve a double room and get a booking form. Tel 0844 887 2512.  Remember April 24/27 2015 Chichester Park Hotel.  See you at conference.  Jeanne



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