By Jeanne Hambleton Posted August 1st 2014

Where  have the months gone? We are heading fast towards  Xmas. Glad winter has not come yet .I have a holiday to fit in before then  but will  let you know when I am away. Hope you will back.

This has been added  earlier articles about diets  so please scroll down for more information.


I have just opened my Summer Special copy of the Fibromyalgia Magazine with the cover reminder about Awareness Raising Week. You have a month to prepare for September 6th to the 13th if you want two weekends to do some business.

I could never understand why it was just seven days losing a golden opportunity of two weekends. With children just back at school that week folks and fibromites usually have a lot to do themselves.

Many of you will know I am passionate about finding a cure for our invisible disability. If someone mentions Folly Pogs Fibromyalgia Research I bore the pants off them with what we need, our loose change appeal for a research project and so on. This is not to mention the soon sale of our own fibromyalgia film with celebrity speakers telling how it is. Watch this space.

Although we are promised some rain at the weekend, I am hopeful that more sun is on the way. So the first article ‘How to Weather the Summer with FM’ was interesting, as I am looking forward to some more heat waves with the weatherman’s promise it will last well into August.

Have you looked at your August copy of UK Fibromyalgia Magazine with 20 Fibromyalgia Research news items?

I am as usual impressed with the variation of articles focused on FM and as a former editor myself of another magazine, if I was editing this magazine many of these article would be in my mind.

Time is always my enemy and I have not read it all but I cannot wait to get to some of the articles. The weather and FM is interesting. We tend to dismiss weather albeit they play a part in our symptoms. We know the high and low pressures make a difference to how we fibromites feel.

If you are flying of on holiday abroad an article from the NHS tells you how to beat jet lag so you will not spend time recovering your holiday. Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin features is an article by Dr.J.G. Moellendorf an American chiropractor and naturopath.

Thing not to say to fibromites – I would think ‘Fibro what?’ That drives me mad when they have no idea what I am talking about. Also there is light at the end of the tunnel if you practice the pain gate theory and think positive. .

The daily pup talk sounds interesting. Our conference speaker Nancy Gordon spoke about Xolos healing dogs. We know that works.

Sorry Helen Watts you have been on sticks for so long and it was certainly interesting to see the other side of the coin of those less fortunate than ourselves. I had a serious accident abroad and was in a wheelchair on holiday – my first adult experience being pushed. I was staggered how many people walk at a wheelchair and make no effort to avoid it. The poor pusher has to manoeuvre the patient.

Sometimes I think folks can really be thoughtless. Eventually I was on stick and it took me five months to get back on my own feet (just a little bit jellied but nor much) so I do have some sympathy. I am also glad it was not permanent for me. You are always so cheerful too, which is wonderful, Keep up the good work Helen. You are a shining star. It is so easy to take handicapped folk for granted and we certainly should not.

Found the flare up article very interesting and you do not realize just how much can upset our symptoms and often do not connect the weather with out pains or discomfort.

The baby article is so helpful for those keen to raise a family. Good luck.

Feel good feelings by that well-known writer Jan Sadler is something we all should read. I am a real fan of hers. I like the ‘Feel good” words leaning towards positive.

Glad to see Karen Lee Richards has written about flare-ups – one of those problems we live with and never really know when it will happen, so it is good to be prepared.

There are more and more articles about water, web search engines, legal questions and as usual a great recipes from the dear Christine Craggs Hinton and regular columns..

One of the best things I like about the magazine is the editor thinks fibromyalgia, which is helpful as he knows what we go through. It is also good to save the magazine as often you have read something and months later something happens and you remember. You read that but can I find it.

UK Fibromyalgia also had a splendid app for FM and at a good price. To get hold a copy which you will not want to miss (Jeanne said), try   Last month’s copy was good too.

If you are really into doing things on line you can read the monthly magazine on line using Kindle. Look for Fibromyalgia Magazine… dare I say the one and only.

This should take you straight there to save you looking. As we journalist in the trade would say, it is a great little coggage – well worth a read.  (For coggage see This is a great find if you love words and have not been here before, especially if you are a wordsmith.


Back tomorrow. Thanks for reading. Jeanne


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