From the News Desk of Jeanne Hambleton

Released: 6/24/2014 10:00 AM EDT
Source Newsroom: Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)

Institute of Food Technologists 2014 Annual Meeting and Food Expo 

Newswise — NEW ORLEANS— Caffeine, which was extensively researched for possible links to birth defects in animals and cardiovascular disease in humans over 30 years ago and then exonerated, has become the focus of renewed concerns as caffeine-containing energy drinks have surged in popularity.

However, according to a June 23rd panel discussion at the 2014 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo® in New Orleans, a rich database of health evidence exists confirming the safety of caffeine for consumers at current levels of exposure. What is not known, however, is how caffeine might interact with the myriad of other ingredients found in many energy drinks.

In 2013, the U.S. Congress pressed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to look harder at the safety of caffeine. The FDA responded by sponsoring an Institute of Medicine scientific workshop in August 2013. Two areas of focus that came out of the workshop were the need to identify vulnerable populations that may be at risk from increased caffeine exposure and to pinpoint research gaps that need to be filled.

“I thought we had put these safety issues to bed in the 80s,” said James Coughlin, Ph.D. of Coughlin & Associates, a consulting firm based in Aliso Viejo, California. “But today concerns are being raised because no one has gone back to look at this literature. There has been a lot of bad science related to caffeine that is fueling concerns.”

The FDA has begun an internal evaluation of caffeine’s safety and is expected to issue guidelines.

James C Griffiths, Ph.D, Vice President of Science & International Affairs at the Council of Responsible Nutrition, in Washington, D.C. and a member of the panel, said, “CRN believes that no new regulations are necessary concerning caffeine-containing products, since there is overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrating its safety. We’re all waiting to see what the FDA is going to do. “

About IFT
This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Institute of Food Technologists. Since its founding in 1939, IFT has been committed to advancing the science of food, both today and tomorrow. Our non-profit scientific society—more than 18,000 members from more than 100 countries—brings together food scientists, technologists and related professionals from academia, government and industry. 

 My Comment

If you look inside a well used teapot or even a cup where the teabag has remained for more than a few minutes, the tanning we see there is what must be happening to us inside,  if we drink a lot of tea. I guess most of us must drink about six cups of a tea a day and that is without a second cup at meal times. Tea certainly seems to energize you.

But the strange thing is that the health benefits relate to  revitalising the  cells of the body, it fights cancer and helps to  lessen the risk of strokes.

But according to this website ( there are a number of things you can do with used and discarded teabags, albeit they are more often cold, wet and soggy.

Did you know they can help  sore eyes especially if you have been crying but do follow the instructions on the website.

Cold tea can be used to marinate meat and is great when using the barbecue. (I wonder if you could mix it with gravy granules?)

You can re-use your tea bags to supplement soft drinks or even alcohol on a 50/50 basis. See the website.   It might mean you do not have such a bad hangover in  the morning.  When you tell your pals at work you have been on beer and cold tea all night I wonder if you might start a new drinking craze especially if it lessens the morning after headaches .

To think I have been throwing old tea bags away for years and had no idea of the other uses. And you can use them to clean your  mirrors and windows. Great for removing grime and grease I am told.  Also good for cleaning  wooden floors, work surfaces and even unpainted wooden furniture – beware of staining.

Just think if it had not been for computers we might not have known all this unless our grannies told our mums and our mums told us in folk lore fashion.

Surprise surprise if you have got warts save the tea bags. There is a process you will have to read and apparently it works but not as well as vinegar?

Unused teabags can makes your wellies less smellier and improve toilet odours. Personally I like the air fresheners. They must smell better than mouldy cold tea bags.

If you have a tooth that is bleeding bite on a tea bag and you can use it on a sore place – read the instructions. You can also add them to your bath, are great for acne and can help sore skin after a day on the beach. Just think if you stayed in the bath long enough you might get a tea tan as opposed to a sun tan.

My Mother used to use henna to  darken her hair but you might be able to turn white hair tea colour with tea bags if they colour everything else..maybe your neck and ears too. Tea bags will also fertilise our plants.

Lastly you can use teabags for artistic  activities – pictures, use it as a fabric dye, with a paint brush and other creative activities.

So apart from enjoying a good up of  tea to energise ourselves with more “get up and go”,  we might soon  be buying any old cheap  teabags for other purposes around the house,  having read all you can do with a wet, cold  and soggy old teabag.

Have fun and do remember drinking tea is said to bring benefits to your health too as well as  all your wooden floors,  jobs in the kitchen, the bathroom and smelly wellies. Do take the teabags out before you wear the wellies.  Talk soon. Jeanne





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