I have to admit I do not venture on to FACEBOOK very often. But this  week I  got a message from a friend, Teresa White,  telling me I should  check  FACEBOOK  and look at the photograph she was talking about.

Well to say it set me thinking is an understatement.  I  was having  tunnel vision and could not think outside the box. My mind is in a whirl.  I am lost  and wondering  what will be my  final answer.

Well I did not sleep last night thinking about it and hope I  do not find myself in this situation for real.  (Between us I am  sorting out rubbish at home so it is a bit like this).

I wondered, and wondered and even pontificated.   This is the photograph……..Is it an impossible question to answer. Me thinks it might be.


So what it the answer?  I think I need another 24 hours to decide if it should be food or drink to survive, love to be happy and hopefully to keep me warm,  money that can buy anything I need, or maybe one special thing  – the  little  black dress I was wearing when I met him indoors. But surely it must be my lovable one eyed  teddy bear.

I am currently de-cluttering  at home and have a similar problem – what to keep and what to dispose of…all those memories and lovely letters (when we used fountain pens and perfumed writing paper – so romantic).

I have  already  got rid of my  overload paperwork in some bags for shredding for Baxter Confidential who will  dispose of all my letters, bills and over due accounts, statements,  hopefully without reading them all.  So I am in fact almost going through  what I  must keep.  I am up to four bags and have another 11 to go but already  the best part of my lifetime is in those bags for shredding.  Ahhhh.

I promise to try to tell you my answer tomorrow.  What do you thnk? Back soon.  Jeanne


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