It has been an odd day with things going wrong, so I  needed something to brighten my day. See if it  this article helps you as much as I hope it will help me.

Once  again my thanks to Lisa Sturge, my Laughterlines Coach, such a jolly smiling happy lady. I wonder if she  ever loses her temper and gets mad? I  doubt it – she is too nice. 

Lisa has  also written a lovely little book, 4″ by 7″, pocket size,  you can carry it in your bag to brighten your day. Called  “The Pocket Book of Laughter” by Lisa herself, the book offers ways to laugh and play more in everyday life.

There are more than 180 pages  of laughter and it is a great title book to send to someone to brighten their life.  The motto is lift life with laughter. Not a bad  phrase to adopt. If you want to  buy the  book,   look up I am sure I saw it on Lisa’s website.   My book is autographed with ‘love and chuckles’. Lisa is  regular visitor to our conference  and she does  make us laugh.  The book has lots of ideas to give you a chuckle after a bad day. 

Here is another extract from her great website to brighten your day.

From Lisa Sturge  our Laughterlines Coach

I don’t remember laughing a lot when I was younger.

I was too busy being shy and hiding from people, Usually under the nearest table. But it always fascinated me how some people could just smile, throw their head back and laugh like a drain.

I remember staring (from a distance so I was not noticed) at my Mum’s friend, Aunty Betty, as she told her latest story and cackled till the cows came home, shaking with laughter and guffawing with glee. It was mesmerizing. I never in a million years felt that one day I would be able to laugh freely and truly enjoy laughing.

It has been a journey, like one many of you have been on yourselves no doubt, when you wake up one day and realises that you are not just unhappy, but that things are not going to change unless you do something about it yourself. And for me, that involved a lot of soul-searching, personal development, reading and trying new things, over and over again. I stretched my comfort zone so wide you could not see the other side of it. It is still being stretched, regularly.

I feel at home with my laughter now, which means I feel at home with myself. Yes, I will continue to make mistakes, get angry, feel grumpy and doubt myself from time to time. And all of that is ok. It is a messy business being human!

Along my laughter journey I have been surprised at some of the things I have discovered that I thought I would share. Please email and let me know if any resonate with you, and what surprising things you have learnt along your laughter path.

8 Surprising Things About Laughter:-

1. It clears the drains

Laughter is an essential part of who we are. It is a powerful tool that expresses how we feel and helps us to be free. Our laughter can be grumpy, tired, joyful, elating and surprising. It also clears the airwaves, making us cough at times and clearing our windpipes. It is a constant release valve that helps us to get rid of yucky, stressful feelings or emotions and also lets us celebrate life wholeheartedly; mind, body and spirit dancing in laughter unison!

2. It makes us go aaaaaaaaaaaah!

After laughing comes relaxation. The peace. Knowing that everything really is ok despite our mind’s ability to knock loudly on brain’s door with worries, ’shoulds’ or ‘have to’s’. It relaxes our muscles and our grip on trying to control life, be perfect…etc. It helps us let go and ‘be’ rather than constantly ‘do’.

3. It lets us out to play

When we laugh with someone there is an instant bond, an invisible connection that goes beyond words. Even a twinkly smile signals a readiness to play and have fun. Life is so much better when we are having fun, yet to some people it can seem a dirty word or a waste of time. Our laughter reminds us that playfulness is a gift and that we are here to enjoy life as much as possible.

4. It is cheap as chips

If you think back to the most positive memorable times of your life, they were probably with people you loved, where you were having fun. Not expensive fun; fun of the gleeful kind, where you were maybe creating spontaneously, sharing happiness with others without the need for expensive surroundings, preparation or equipment.

5. It heals from the inside out

Shared laughter can be very healing and incredibly powerful. It can mend not only grievances but also strengthen relationships. It can break down barriers in an instant. Laughter can be very forgiving.

6. It acts like spinach

Our bodies are healthier with laughter. When we laugh regularly, we are less prone to colds, flu and infections as it strengthens our immune system and re-balances our para-sympathetic nervous system. It activates the whole brain and refreshes our body with a boost of oxygen. We can choose to smile and laugh daily to enjoy these benefits, either with simple exercises or by looking for laughter opportunites. By choosing a playful attitude we can transform a dull, boring day into a lighter experience.

7. It can turn on the tap

Laughing lots can mean crying lots too. It is important to embrace sadness as well as joy. It is a kind thing to let go and immerse ourselves in tears if that is what we need. Being human is a complicated business and if we are to embrace laughter and joy then that means welcoming all of the emotions. Some of them feel very uncomfortable but it would be unrealistic and exhausting if life became a laughter fest from dawn to dusk.

8. It is our choice

The key to laughing more is realising that the source of real laughter lies not outside but inside us. It is realising that our laughter never leaves us, it is always present in the body, waiting to be tapped into. Sometimes we just need to give it a little encouragement and get to know it better.

When we start to laugh and play a little, then a little more, we can recognise and welcome this joyful part of ourselves that is unaffected by time, work, problems, family hassles, deadlines…etc. We can discover our true self underneath all the rubble; our magical, playful self where we can enjoy unlimited imagination and unlimited play, unlimited joy and unconditional love.

It is a colourful journey, the laughter journey. To embrace our laughter and let it free we need to embrace all of ourselves. Even the messy, difficult bits. And it is all worth it.

I no longer hide under tables but I still enjoy peaceful moments as much as the heartier, louder ones. It is just that I am happy to see what each moment will bring and am eager to celebrate being here and alive as much as possible, with people who I love, doing work that I love. I am open to life and laughter and ready to play. That means enjoying my laughter, the nourishment it gives me, and the sound and feel of  laughter in my body. I enjoy quiet chuckles, exposive splutterings and the times that my body takes over and I double up, out of control, messily snorting and cackling just like Aunty Betty!

Laughter lifts us up and shows us the sky.

Please get in touch to tell us your laughter experiences. If you would like to encourage more laughter in your life we offer a one on one laughter coaching programme which is completely confidential. Call Lisa on 01243 572381 for a chat or email

My comment

If you are from the ‘old school’, want to practice  what you have just read and  fancy a chuckle, do yourself a favour  and  look at this link. It might not make your laugh out loud but if you know the characters I believe it will make your smile. It is real craftsmanship. This link landed on my desktop this week from one of the reporters  from  a newspaper we both worked for.  Thanks Derek Hooper. Enjoy.

Bcak soon Jeanne or is it Jnaene – I do not seem to be so good at slepnlig tsehe dyas…..




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