As there is so much doom and gloom around the world and the news is always appears to be bad, I thought it was time I found a way to help us get over feeling stressed with so many sad thing happening everywhere.

My very good friend Lisa Sturge, who is a LaughterCoach and who can make me feel on top of the world in no time at all, said “I am passionate about helping people to reduce their stress levels, to find ways to relax and to discover easy ways to feel healthier and happier in everyday life.”

She also said I could use one of her articles to maybe bring a mile back to your faces. In this article Lisa was writing about Walk and Talk Life Coaching – Life Coaching with a Difference.

Sometimes we get so bogged down in everyday life that it is not until we raise up our weary head from the day-to-day routine and look around us that we notice that we are really unhappy. Not just having a bad day, or feeling a bit down, but that we are lost in a sea of turmoil, indecision and anxiety. Other people appear to have it all sorted, and that can also make us feel worried or even ashamed that we ‘should‘ be happy with our lives, that we ‘should’ have sorted out our own problems by now.

One important thing I have learnt from experience is that we cannot ever presume about other people, and it is not about them anyway. It is about you. There are times in our lives when we just need a helping hand, a supportive, objective person in our lives, who is not going to tell us how it should be done. This person will listen, truly listen, and then guide you with coaching skills so that you find your own, authentic way to creating the life that you want to be living.

Walking for Health and Happiness

Most of us are working hard at maintaining a healthy living lifestyle but it is not always easy. There are many time pressures on us and finding the time to go for a relaxing, energizing walk during the day, let alone make time for life coaching can be a struggle. Our ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions combine both aspects to give you one of the most relaxing and motivating ways to exercise both mind and body at the same time. The sessions combine walking for health and fitness with support and coaching for a healthy mind and spirit.

Walking for Healthy Living

Do you love being in the open air?  Some clients prefer to be coached whilst walking in the countryside. This gives them the added benefits of:-

  • Fresh air and beautiful scenery
  • Regular, healthy exercise- with no pressure to frog march!
  • A natural, peaceful environment
  • Relaxing the muscles in the body, releasing tension
  • Linking the left and the right sides of the brain, which helps creative thinking
  • Being able to explore new walks and footpaths
  • Energising the body and the mind
  • Releasing endorphins into the system (the feel good hormones)
  • Gaining new perspectives
  • A flexible way to incorporate walking into your schedule for healthy living

Walking for Health and Wellbeing

When we walk in nature, we often notice things about our life or our current situation that we hadn’t noticed before. We gain a new and fresh outlook and as the endorphins from the gentle walking exercise start to be released in the body, we can experience important shifts in our mental state. The nature around us adds an essential depth and richness to our life and taking the time to immerse ourselves in it for an hour or so can be really enjoyable, insightful and empowering.

Buggy friendly and wheel chair routes are available. In really wet weather we can adjourn inside to the office!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined.” Thoreau

Contact Lisa on 01243 572381 or 07702 366775 or email for more details or to book a Walk and Talk session.

Training Laughter Yoga and Laughter Skills Training 2014

Laughterlines Coaching is now running training events in London, Chichester and The New Forest on the South coast of the UK. We provide training in Laughter Yoga and laughter skills for personal development.

Why not join the Laughter Yoga Leader 2 Day Training on the 17th and 18th July 2014 at the beautiful Hamblin Hall, Bosham, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8PJ. Places are filling fast so please book your space as soon as possible.

The 2 – Day Laughter Yoga training includes:-

  • Certificate of completion
  • Training manual
  • The origins and principles of Laughter Yoga
  • The benefits of Laughter Yoga for personal development and professional life
  • Guidelines for running a Laughter Yoga session or workshop
  • Laughter exercises for everyday stress relief and relaxation
  • Fun, energising Laughter Yoga activities including how to teach Gibberish

Laughter Yoga for Teams

The Laughter Yoga training is particularly useful for managers of teams as the exercises are suitable for large and small groups. Laughter Yoga is a quick and effective way to help teams to have fun together and connect playfully. Laughter Yoga helps team members to relax, let go of tension and introduce a light hearted and effective way of working and learning together. It can boost morale, raise spirits and energize a team of employees even after just ten minutes!

Laughter Yoga for Stress Relief and Relaxation

Laughter Yoga is an effective way to help relieve stress and to learn to relax, even in difficult circumstances. Laughter Yoga frees up the body and mind, energizing the whole system and bringing fresh oxygen to the body and brain. Whether you want to learn how to use Laughter Yoga for your own personal development or to take it into your company or organisation, this course explains the principles and practice of Laughter Yoga in a comprehensive E-manual alongside practical exercises, activities and discussions. The two days are a mixture of fun, laughter and learning in a spacious and nurturing venue.

The Laughter Yoga Teachers

The course is run by Lisa Sturge and Julie Whitehead, both professional Laughter Yoga Teachers who have over 16 years of experience in the field of Laughter Yoga, personal development and laughter facilitation. Both trainers are members of the national Laughter Network.

The training runs from 10.30am to 5.30pm both days and the venue is situated in the beautiful woodland grounds of Hamblin Hall in Bosham, close to convenient railway and road links and with free car parking.

The cost is £200 per person or Early Bird price £175 if received a month before the start date.

Places for the trainings are limited so please book without delay by emailing or telephoning Lisa Sturge on 01243 572381.

My notes

Lisa is based in Bosham near Chichester, West Sussex. Albeit she may be many miles away, she WILL find a way to help you smile and laugh again. I really love her quotation.

Quotations Mary H Waldrip   “A laugh is a smile that bursts.”

Laughter Session Testimonials A. Matthews “Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Haven’t laughed until I cried for ages.” Headteacher’s Conference, Poole



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