Someone has come up with a novel idea to help raise funds for three animal charities and with the suggestion this could improve wellbeing and productivity in places of work. How? By taking your dog to your job and paying a donation for doing so. But your boss has to agree to this doggie idea and should also make a substantial donation up to £50 for the charities.

This may be suitable for office workers, MPs and the folk in the House of Lords but some jobs will present problems. It will be interesting to see if the PM David Cameron makes a point of supporting this novel event. I feel sure Nigel Farage will not miss the PR opportunity to be seen on TV with his pooch tailing behind. It is interesting to consider what kind of dog they might appear with – what breed? David Cameron should have the British Bulldog – forget the dribbling all over his trousers. Nigel Farage on the other hand might have giant French Poodle or even GREAT Dane.

I could only guess at a Schnauzer for Red Ed. I do wonder if it will catch on and become an annual event albeit it for worthwhile causes for animals

They have nearly two weeks to prepare or borrow a dog for FRIDAY JUNE 27this Dog Day.

It is certainly novel but there must be some restrictions where a dog cannot go to work – a bus driver, hospital worker, road repair worker or even a surgeon. What if you are a nurse dealing with pretty ill patients? You might be a dentist wanting to job share with your dog. How would the patient feel, fixed in a chair with a burly Alsatian chewing a raw meaty bone on his blanket in the corner? You would be afraid to mutter about the pain in case the dog misunderstood and thought you were molesting his master. Imagine owning a furniture shop with your dog spread-eagled on a luxury mattress. At least if the dog cam to work you would avoid the mischief he would be getting into at home…wrecking the sofa, chewing the rug or the kitchen cabinet – been there done that. My Boxer dog was the greatest devaster I had.

If you are feeling left out as you have no dog, you can borrow a dog if you want join in. The planner have thought about everything.. Well my mind is boggling…..

I agree it is certainly a novel idea .The headline sponsor is Elaine Fairfax who is MD of Animal Friends Pet Insurance. Her organisation was founded by Elaine in 1998 with the aim of providing insurance for pets to help and support animal charities. The event is also supported by Muddy Paws, WAHL UK Lt., TSM Ltd., MirrorMePR, Wagging Tails, PetSafe, Petcetera, Style Tails and Your Business with FACEBOOK and Twitter involved.

Lucas Coe who told me about this event said three animal charities would benefit. They are All Dogs Matter, Animals Asia and Pup Aid. The aim is to raise £10,000 and the organization already has starter donations totaling £6,000.

Your boss and you can donate with any amount from £2 to £50.Meanwhile the hidden plus of the UK event is pet therapy. The idea is that animals in the workplace will promote wellbeing, as they do for elderly folk in care homes. There will not be a lot of work done if the day is spent patting Buster. Lucas said studies revealed that with dogs present it has been shown stress has been reduced and productivity increased in workplaces. So it could become a regular event. Would your dog do three days a week part time or become a full timer? What if it spread to all animal pets?

I wonder if it would work if you brought Florence the goldfish to work. It might not be as productive if folks spent the day mesmerized by Florence circling her bowl. Cats being independent could be making themselves comfortable in the MD’s chair. Fancy finding a small pet snake sleeping behind our computer. Oooh!

If you want to be involved in this crazy but potentially lucrative idea look at how to participate –

If the boss says no? The organiser says if your workplace is not a suitable environment for dogs, you can still be involved in Bring Your Dog To Work Day! You can help the three charities support animal welfare and make an online donation, uploading your dog’s photo and the work place logo (businesses) and recommend the event to your friends and family!

Donating As An Individual. If you have your employer’s permission to bring your dog to work what are the real pluses? You must make a minimal donation of £2 and your dog’s picture*(if provided) can be published in the DOG WITH A JOB Hall of Fame together with a description of the dog’s duties in the day. Think you might have to be a bit creative here.

 Donating As A business. Businesses can take part by becoming an official sponsor. In return for a minimum £50 donation,  the company’s logo and website link, will be displayed on the event’s homepage.

Once you make a donation you receive an information pack by email with hints and tip for our Dog’s new job – coming to work.

I hope to let you know how the Dog’s Day went if I get the feedback. Sorry I do not have a dog and I work from home, so no problem for me if I had a replacement Great Dane – the best I ever had. I regret I cannot borrow a dog and donae as I am a poor unpaid freelancer. See you soon. Jeanne


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