By Jeanne Hambleton ©

Do you belong to the WAW brigade? Are you trendy this summer, especially at often muddy music festivals? Will you be wearing trendy wellies this summer like with like Kate Moss, Liz Hurley, Jo Wiley and a certain fashionable Princess?

Welly choices are amazing – with or without daisies, multi colours, designer, maybe elegant, practical, one colour, often long with buckles and  not cheap to buy. You can choose  one colour or various, two tone, with flowers, mysterious designs, or to match your outfit.

WELLIES ARE WONDERFUL for this years’ watery events. I suggested  my friend Nicki wore purple wellies to match her hat and dress for her son’s wedding but she would not put her best foot forward. As it happened the sun shone all day. I guess we will eventually see a bride in white wellies endeavouring to make page one in the newspapers.

For real glamour you could choose knitted moss cable cuff welly socks in white, black, blue or tweed  wool from £18 a pair.  To look the bees knees any chilly night why not buy a pair of  short furry  cuff welly socks in  black, white or chinchilla grey fur for just £28 – great with your glamorous wellies. With boots that are made for walking  all you need is a music festival to wear them.

You could always wear them at the garden centre. a garden party or for other occasions.  If at the musical festival you are thinking of shedding your inhibitions in that tent with the man of the moment, think twice about taking your wellies off before any hanky panky, if you know what I mean.

If you are thinking romance, sadly there is often price to pay for glamour and fashion, and this can be smelly feet, blisters, sore feet and discomfort from wearing wellies.
Before you get caught up in the welly wearing revelation  avoid embarrassment.

You might find you have smelling feet, foot fungus, itching, burning, flaking. But  following a survey, a new spray called AF24, has hit the welly wearers’ market. It comes in spray, power and clic and go and uses natural ingredients. The AF24 survey has shown this athlete’s foot treatment kills foot fungus dead – even though you are not an athlete.

The survey also revealed that we are obsessed with welly wearing!  It is said 73% of the nation have worn wellies more often than flip flops, high heels, ballet pumps or Uggs. Amazing – I did not notice that. I have see photos of HRH in wellies before now. While wellies are the fashionable summer festival footwear of choice, they are also the perfect breeding ground for Athlete’s Foot.  There is nothing more inviting to the athlete’s foot fungus than a hot, moist, non-breathable pair of rubber wellies, however pretty they are.

If your lovely wellies do cause foot fungus, don’t despair. You can be rid of the symptoms and smelly feet in two weeks with AF24.  You can also help prevent re-infection by sprinkling the inside of all of your footwear with AF24 Probiotic Foot and Shoe Powder. This contains friendly bacteria to stop harmful fungus growing.  Easy to use, AF24  is a unique treatment for athlete’s foot that works by lowering the high alkaline pH environment in which the athlete’s foot fungus thrives, to a low acidic pH, so effectively removing the fungus’ life support system, killing it dead.  AF24 also speeds up the skin’s natural shedding process, quickly removing the keratin layer of skin containing the fungus and getting rid of the infection.

The AF24 Athlete’s Foot range from £6.99 is sold by – guess who? Our favourite chemist (welly) BOOTS. For more  information see http://www.af24.co.uk.  Talk soon. Jeanne


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