DON’T MISS THIS …….17 days and counting ..the FM CONFERENCE

The big event, not to be missed,  is  5th international Fibromyalgia Conference March 28/31st 2014  Friday/Monday
at Chichester Park Hotel in West Sussex, UK,  with the best yet line up of international speakers.

It is a 4 day 3 night event  dedicated to the education of  fibromites with some fun and laughter in the evenings.  The conference  objective is to invite  FM speakers from abroad to share news of research and progress in the  fight to find a cure.

The conference is supported by Folly Pogs Fibromylgia Research, founded in 2009 with the first conference in 2010, with the idea of raising funds for research and sharing education with those suffering with FM. Every booking contributes to fibromyalgia research.

For the 2014 conference  we are delighted that Professor Andrew Holman, USA,  has agreed to join us for the long weekend. We are even happier that he has agreed to give us our first series of four lectures during the conference. This will conclude with  “THE BIG PICTURE: How BJH, ANS, PC3, sleep and dopamine unify FM. Making Sense of the nonsensical.” The Professor is an experienced researcher and was one of the first people to look at the brains of fibromites in his search for a cure.  He found an imbalance in our chemicals  and our grey matter. Want to learn more or ask questions – join us.

Other speakers  during the conference include  Russian Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, worldwide lecturer, author,  and neurosurgeon who specialises in the gut, psychology and nutrition. Also  Dr Peter Fisher, who is the Physician to HRH The Queen of England, is bringing a team of doctors and specialists who represent a new fibromyalgia clinic  in London.  Dr. Fisher has some interesting news about the NHS and those suffering with fibromyalgia. This has really great promise.  Other speakers will be talking about mindfulness, hypnotic gastric bands,  healing provided by  Mexican hairless dog, new research relating to nerve ends and fibromyalgia and much more. We are also looking forward to the very popular informal sessions for  MEET THE PROFESSOR  to ask questions and MEET THE AUTHOR where  books signed by the author are available.

There still a few double rooms available with twin beds. The conference with accommodation and full board plus evening entertainment  costs just £200 per person sharing a room  for 4 days and 3 night.

To book ring 44 (0) 8433 828 829 or email

The hotel is offering special rates for extended stays for those wishing to visit the The Mary Rose Tour, and Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory and the Submarine  Museum, Roman Baths at Fishbourne, Chichester Cathedral and more. Book now to secure the opportunity of 1-2-1 talk with our specialist speakers.  meet like minded folk who have your pains and understand,  and make new friends.  Delegates tell us  they have had a memorable weekend or a life changing experience. Don’t miss out – no time like the present.


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