There has been a lot of water under the bridge since 2012.  This year in April  the 2013 FibCon was a big success with a sell out three months before the event. The success of that conference has resulted in brisk booking for the next event we sadly had to move to March  due to be double booked by the hotel.  Our success has meant the are nbo single  bookings left – so you will have to bring a friend, family member or your partner.

We can organise pay as you go golf or even deep sea fishing for him indoors if we  are told.

We are hoping for a great overseas  line up of speakers  and are on a promise from some interesting professionals.

The next conference, our 5th, will be a day longer to accommodate the growing interest in CAM – complementary alternative therapy. This will mean a day devoted to therapists, clinics and wellness business.  The extra weekday will also   meet the needs of important UK speakers who cannot manage the weekend.

So the next FibCon  two days, Friday and Saturday, will be wall to wall speakers with  at least 14 presentations over the weekend and maybe more. We are hoping to squeeze in two more presentation on arrival day from 3pm.

Our benefits experts will again by on hand to answer questions and share any updates.

The  exciting Race Night with horses, dog racing and  even pig racing promises to be a big laugh and an opportunity to  donate to research with every bet you make. Yo can also ‘own’  horse or dedicate  a race for a modest fee to research.  The raffle also contributes totally to research as  does the charity dash and in fact every bookings.

The driving force behind the FibCon events is in fact Folly Pogs  Fibromyalgia Research. No one gets paid.  As many as 14 volunteers give their time over the long weekend to  help with the organising and  only the bills gets paid.

So  you can enjoy a weekend of education  learning more about our invisible disability,  talk to the professional speakers on a 1-2-1, make new fibro friends and mix with like minded  people.  The cost with easy payments if you start early,  includes a comfortable hotel, Chichester Park Hotel,  with unusually helpful staff, a Manager who is a star Your visit will include use of the warm indoor pool, jacuzzi, steam room, spa and  exercise equipment, great food, choice of mattress (soft or hard) rooms with en suite shower and bath, tea making,TV, telephone.

The cost for the 5 days 4 nights  includes  and full board, the conference and all that entails, evening entertainment  with laughter and fun, all in a memorable weekend for just £275 per person sharing a double room. Our success has meant all the single bookings have sold out. .. do not let that stop you just bring a friend. It is really good value and  when you  book you will know you are contributing to a CAUSE FOR A CURE.  Any money left after the conference pays it way,  is dedicated to research.

If you want information, a copy of the recent delegates letter, information on stage payments  (you need to start soon  for it to be beneficial and easier payments)  email  info@follypogsfibro.org  for details. To book  email  Simon Stuart <fibcon2014bookings@gmail.com> who will know  if there are  beds left.




In  2012 the conference was the best yet with overseas speakers including Prof. Muhammad Yunus, the ‘godfather’ of fibromyalgia who came from the USA.  From Canada we had the humourous Dr Kevin White, author of an award winning book and specialist on fibro fog. Dr Gary Lee, a consultant from Southampton University, was another great hit with his down to earth explanations on pain and FM. AND we had rave reviews from our delegates.

We also had a Harley Street consultant Professor Richard Powell, a specialist in allergies – food and fibromyalgia.  Professor Basant Puri, busy with FM research and brain imagery, came from Hammersmith Hospital.  Other speakers included Dr Andrew Dilley from the Brighton & Sussex Universities, a well-known lecturer with an interest in chronic pain. Other speakers included Dr Ian Treasaden, a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist. Dr Prem Bajaj spoke about the use of acupuncture point stimulation with manual electro acupuncture device combined with auto-relaxation and behavioural techniques with good effects in the alleviation of musculoskeletal pain for last 20 years. Other speakers included a hospital nutritionist Deepti de Araujo and Pam Gully, a specialist counsellor.  Among the biggest attractions was the Friday afternoon  benefits presentation and forum with Wes Wright and John Stevens from Front Line Debt Services. We were so impressed we have invited them back.


In April 2013 we had another great line-up.

The ‘darling’ of the weekend was the oh-so-funny Dr Kevin White, the Canadian doctor with an acute sense humour and great knowledge about fibro fog. He has been invited to come back next year by public demand.

Dr Gary Lee, a Southampton Consultant in Long Term conditions, specialist in Chronic Pain, was also warmly welcomed and will be back with a report of a new FM clinic and brain scans results.  Dr Kim Lawson, an international researcher and lecturer, is joining us again following his great reception in 2010.  Professor Mark Cropley from Surrey University has done in depth research on sleep and could be solving some of our problems.  Prof Kevin Davies, an international speaker,and leading immunologist, will be talking about Lupus  and FM.

Claudia Marek, a fibromyalgia specialist affectionately known as FibroNurse and author of 4 FM books, is visiting us from the States. We are hoping Dr Myra Preston and Kim Phillips, experts on brain mapping, are  joining us from the USA.  We are still booking speakers and hope to keep  you engrossed in  learning more about our condition.

We will have a DVD on the PC3 compression topic featuring Dr Andrew Holman, available for sale at conference. http://www.king5.com/health/60008882.html plus American FM books

While at conference we will learn more about our invisible disability by day, and intend to have some fun and laughter in the evening.

Friday afternoon at 3.30pm will be a repeat of our successful benefits forum and presentation – not to be missed. Fibro Fillies race night is back again  and we are already looking for some unusual names for the horses and pigs.  You can own a horse or sponsor a race for the evening or name that winning pig with the woolly jockey. This is a fund raising night for the Folly Pogs  FM research charity.  Posh hats can be worn for the Ladies Day Frills & Flummeries Race at our  races.  Our original race team – Bill, Brian, Stuart and Peter with their black suits and bow ties will be back again with their ladies, running the fun filled race night. For details email conference@follypogsfibro.org

Saturday Night is Music Night with a Jam Session for those with guitars and ukuleles and a cabaret with Dr Kevin White on guitar.

Sunday we will repeat the successful fun dance competition. Last time the chosen music came from Ireland, Greece, with dancing to YMCA and belly dancing. The Team will be  finding more dance challenges with Lee, our Music Master and a karaoke.

So if you want to book the April FibCon 2013 for 4 days, full board, accommodation, the conference, wall to wall lectures,  evenings filled with fun and laughter, with a great indoor pool, steam room, Jacuzzi, exercise equipment at the weekend at £199 per person email me, jeanne@jeannehambleton.co.uk  for a booking from.  We have already sold most of the accommodation so book now to save your place.


Sorry but at this late stage the hotel  now needs  50% deposit (£100 per person) and balance (£99) to be paid no later than February 6th 2013 when all payments should be completed.  The 50% deposit will secure your booking.  Currently we have three rooms with double beds and two rooms within three single beds.. so we are virtually SOLD  OUT.


Everyone has to complete their details on the booking forms  please for Health & Safety.  Simon our booking manager will ask for a deposit from each person as and when you can collect it and then final payment running up to Feb 6, which is the closing date. .

There are a handful of  rooms but no lift.


There are no single beds available and we therefore encourage double or triple bookings, albeit 3 single beds.  The rooms are comfortable and have en suite facilities to wash and dress in private. There is a shower over a low side bath plus tea making and TV.


This can be a memorable weekend with the opportunity to talk to like- minded people, other GLs, make new friends, get close up and personal with the speakers and enjoy 1-2-1 conversations with the doctors. If you go nowhere else in the coming months you should spoil yourself, learn more about your condition from those who know (from the States and researchers) and talk with those who have the same pains as you do. If only we could do it on the NHS it would prove to be great medicine.


Both Social Security and local Rotary clubs and possibly Lions have been known to sponsors folk to come to conference. Even your local PCT primary Care Trust who run the hospitals and health service might pay for a group of people to visit was has become a real medical conference.  We know of one group who got partial funding for a number of people, which considerably reduced the cost of the weekend for the delegates.

Any questions please come back to me.  jeanne@follypogsfibro.org.  – new telephone number 08433 828 829


If you have fibromyalgia you will understand my problem  with cognitive behaviour and terrible spelling. Yes I once was a great speller but  my fibro typo syndro is all down to fibromyalgia…sorry. It is the message that important – not the spelling  – after all that.



Hope you HAVE a good Christmas 2013 and may I wish you a Happy New Year for 2014.  Hope we see you at Conference.

Yes just three months and only what six or seven  months to Conference so better start the  easy payment system now so you can make payments over the coming months.

Fibro hugs Jeanne

Apologies for spelling  – do not bother to write I already know.  Read the message not the mis-spelling .  I blame fibromyalgia.  I hope some of you mis-spell too.


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