Hi Folks
Apologies for my absence – life is so hectic hardly time to even contemplate. Contemplate what I have not thought about.

But The Folly Pogs Fibromyalgia Research UK is on the verge of getting that illusive registered number – you know what I am talking about – the Charity Commission number (if they will have us with this silly but memorable name).

A Canadian website even called us “The Folly Pogs of England”….food for thought.

We are at last within reach of the ultimate bank balance to satisfy the “CC” with thanks to those who have made donations ‘quietly’ but in the hope we will achieve great things. We are trying to move mountains slowly but walking on water needs skill.

Our latest donor is a man called Rick Prior whose wife Karen is a fibromite. This lovely lady and her very supportive family have organised raffles and Rick and his son Mark ran in the Great South Run in Portsmouth in October. His sponsors with Karen and Maisie, her daughter, shook their collecting bucket on the day. Their efforts look like raising £500 – the sum we needed to for us to legitimately apply for registration. They had great fun and I am waiting for photographs of the runners with orange and blue hair. I will then have to learn how to upload. Watch this space

A big big thanks to the Prior family and others who have made all important donations in the past. Thanks for believing in us.

My friends will know I am passionate about raising funds for research to find a cure. There is no Government funding and unlikely there will be any in the foreseeable future. I believe we all really want a cure if only for the next generation –our children and grandchildren.

Our next big fund raiser is the 3rd annual Fibromyalgia Conference during Easter weekend in Chichester. If you want more details –email

These are memorable weekends, great for networking and making new fibro friends and talking to the experts. This one will be different with Olympic ‘style’ challenges including one for ‘knitting’ – yes knitting – that knit one, purl one, pastime you do with two knitting needles and wool – and another for that VIP Fibro Duck.

If you want to come and listen to 12 keynote speakers, we enjoy the unusual workshops, fun and laughter in the evening, better book soon – not many beds left.

Talk again soon – I promise -honest engine
Jeanne – Folly Pogs


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