Fibromyalgia and Stress – Finding the Right Treatment

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The two health problems puzzling many people are fibromyalgia and stress. Fibromyalgia and stress influence each other and often co-exist. Stress is a personalized response to the alterations in the environment that is based on personal perception of feeling in a certain situation. There is an inherent correlation between fibromyalgia and stress though perception differs from one to another.

Relatively, every individual feels some amount of stress throughout fibromyalgia and it surely worsens the condition to a significant amount. Stress generally offers a negative effect on healthy well-being. Furthermore, fibromyalgia is no exception.

Now we will shed light on the potential relationship between fibromyalgia and stress response. Then we will progress further by discussing about few stress management strategies that you can take on particularly when you are experiencing fibromyalgia.

The Relationship

In most of the cases, people with fibromyalgia are identified as having ‘Type A’ personality, the group of people featured as stress-prone as compared to other group of people belonging to ‘Type B’ personality. Astonishing but true, research proposes people with fibromyalgia experience hormonal imbalance that resembles the same disorder occurring during stress response.

Thus, it can be said that there is a biological relationship between fibromyalgia and stress response. However, more research is actually needed to prove the pattern and strength of the relationship.

Warm Bath Technique

You need to take a warm bath mixed with two to three drops of essential oils. Do not depend on anyone else for choosing your essence; rather choose the fragrance of your own preference. Lavender is suggested by many aromatherapists as one of the major fragrances that aids in relaxation. You may apply your own creative instinct to design your bathing environment.

Because you are suffering from fibromyalgia and stress is an inevitable part of it, you need to do something exciting and soothing to your mind too. Try using candlelight bathing or a bubble bath to revive yourself.

Deep Breathing and Guided Imagery

Instead of chest breathing, you have to practice deep abdominal breathing. Deep breathing is a necessary instrument to do an appropriate relaxation. You can simply lie down and breathe deeply. Not more than a few minutes practice of breathing relaxation can offer you a stress-free day.

When you practice deep breathing, do not forget to implement guided imagery to improve your experience of relaxation. In guided imagery, you should visualize beautiful scenes or events with the help of your mental eyes. This will bring an extremely peaceful effect to your mind.

Choose Healthy Diet

Healthy diet is proven to be an effective method to stay away from many illnesses includes fibromyalgia and stress. People with fibromyalgia must avoid broccoli, caffeine, aspartame and alcohol in their diet. Besides, it is suggested to walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes most days of the week as well to quicken the recovery. 

Fibromyalgia and Vitamin D Deficency – Recognising the Relationship

Many researches have been conducted to improve the understanding of relation between fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency. Those researches are connecting the muscular pain and debility which are experienced by fibromyalgia patients, to an insufficient intake or meager absorption of vitamin D in the body. Below is a brief explanation of relation between fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency.

A number of studies on both adult and children subjects have discovered that low levels of vitamin D in the body cause unexplained bone and muscular pain. These results have been accepted by health experts.

If there is a confirmation about relation between fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency, it will be possible to treat the pain and debility of fibromyalgia with sources of vitamin D. Even so, this does not mean that fibromyalgia is merely a deficiency of vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D deficiency is only one factor arising or aggravating symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The observed improvement in the overall condition of fibromyalgia patients using vitamin D indicates a strong connection between the disease and the function of vitamin D in maintaining bone and muscular health. The role of vitamin D in contributing to the development of fibromyalgia is thought to be rooted in its metabolic function. Vitamin D helps in the synthesis of parathyroid hormone (PTH) in the body.

The parathyroid hormone serves to extract phosphates, especially calcium phosphate, from the bones. Combined with other factors, a failure to extract adequate amounts of phosphates from bones can lead to fibromyalgia. In case of vitamin D deficiency, the body is depleted in parathyroid hormone and hence an abnormal retention of phosphates in the bones may initiate a march toward symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Sunlight, Fibromyalgia and Vitamin D Deficiency

One linking factor of significance in the connection between fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency is a person’s exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D forms in the skin upon exposure to sunlight for about 15 to 30 minutes. Limited exposure to sunlight on account of climatic factors, lifestyle, skin color, or any other reason, can result in vitamin D deficiency in the body, even when a normal course of nutrition is followed.

The connection between fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency lead health experts to bear to believe the small quantities of undefended sun exposure could be useful for health. Since fibromylgia grows slowly but surely in excess of many years, it is reasonable to minimize the use of sunscreen when out on a fairly bright day and change a totally sun-protected lifestyle. If you need more information, please explore links on this Fibromyalgia Consultant site.


Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed in this article are those solely of the author/writer  and do not necessarily infer endorsement by the FMS Global News Desk.  Any advice or recommendation of a medical or legal  nature, or regarding exposure to sunlight without sunscreen protection, must always be discussed with a qualified professional.  FMS Global News cannot be held responsible for omissions and/or errors.


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