First I must say I am sorry I have neglected you! But  due to the sudden death in December  of my dear friend Rick Usher, founder and  late New Editor of  FMS Global News, sadly I now have his job.


Life has been so hectic – with  hot new and fibromyalgia to name but two of the reasons. Somehow everything seemed to get in the way and conspire against me.


I had been working closely with Rick almost since he began this important news service for the FMS community, and in September 2008 due to his music commitments he wanted me to take over. But time slipped by  and somehow  he failed to give me the background and his contacts. It has been hard trying to pick up the pieces to carry on his  work.  Still I will  do my best – and I hope to increase the readership  to meet his expectations.  


Rick took great joy in writing to me in the UK from his home in Michigan, to tell we had an increase in our readership. I do believe it provided much satisfaction for him. He wanted to hand over the news as he had the opportunity to write, record  on a record label  and play music – as he had done in his youth.


He was in touch with leading US bands and the plan was to have a major concert and to record  music  for download play with all funds going to research in the USA and the UK.


Dominic Collins  and I had great plans to launch our Fibro What? CD in the States, following the success in the UK. It is sad this will not now materialise. Dom is the composer and comedy singer-songwriter who donated his skills and time to help FMS.   As Dom says you do not have to be a fibromite to laugh with Fibro what? It includes  songs entitled A girl called chips, Can you lend me a tenner Dad? and Does my ar.. look big in this? All very funny and laughter is the best medicine.

 ( http://fmsglobalnews.wordpress.com/2008/04/01/fibro-what-fights-back/ and www.domcollins.co.uk)


If you are interested in buying a copy of the first FMS CD that raises funds for research  – Fibro what? CD has ‘our song’ and three very funny tongue in cheek tunes – email me at fibrowhat(@)mac.com.


But I am also anxious that Rick’s  FMS news service should continue providing up to date information about  fibromyalgia and related conditions. Please tell your friends to log on to


The website is pushing out some useful and interesting  information from around the world. 


All this is no excuse for neglecting you, so hopefully you  will understand the circumstances and forgive me. Keeping FMS Global  up to date is time consuming to say the least, so I am sorry that my other endeavours have been ‘gathering dust’ so to speak.  I will do better – I promise. I have articles to write about but it is finding the time between waking up, working and nodding off again.


Talk soon – honest engine – Jeanne. 

Excuse typos-fibro fog!


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