From the News Desk of Jeanne Hambleton 


The Nationwide Group of Doctors of Fibromyalgia Centers of America has opened a fibromyalgia treatment center for the Joliet / Crest Hill region.

Fibromyalgia Centers of America is a nationwide group of doctors dedicated to researching and sharing with other doctors effective treatments and techniques for treating fibromyalgia.

Each treatment is specialized according to the individual, and through collaboration with doctors across the nation, treatments are not only personalized but offer technological breakthroughs not previously available.

Fibromyalgia Centers of America ( is dedicated to helping people who suffer with fibromyalgia syndrome and also helping those that have the same symptoms, but have not been diagnosed.

Treatment begins when you are ready to find out the cause of your problem. A board-certified and licensed doctor will personally sit down and consult with you.

General signs and symptoms of Fibromyalgia include: tempo mandibular joint dysfunction, skeletal pain and whole body aches, fatigue, trouble sleeping, depression, chronic headaches, bowel disturbances, anxiety, racing heatbeats, and decreased coordination.

Trigger points are areas of tenderness in a muscle, and trigger points may be associated with myofascial pain syndromes or Fibromyalgia.

With over 100 clinics nationwide, the Crest Hill location is the first to come to the Metro Chicago area.


Editor’s Note

What great news for those suffering with this invisible disability in the USA and good luck. But when will we have  a similar nationwide organisation in the UK. We are, after all, light years behind the States and Canada. We are waiting for  someone to get started with a string of  FMS  UK centres – maybe ???.

We are grateful to Professor John Davies and  his team for their stirling work in the fibromyalgia field  at Guy’s and both his FM Clinics,  and the small pockets of professionals and researcher beavering away, but we need more recognised help nationwide – much more including a substantial grant  from our Government to fund  fibromyalgia research. Even a national register of where FMS help is available would help those suffering with FMS.

These centres could be used for a rota of complementary therapies, physiotherapy,  to care for our teeth, feet etc. and small groups of researchers. This would help cover the cost of providing a fibromyalgia clinic.  Drug companies such as Pfizer and Lilly who have shown an interest in FMS medication should be encouraged to sponsor these centres. It is possible in today’s climate of  doom, gloom and stress that these companies and this industry are among the few not feeling the pinch with the credit crunch – people will always be ill and take medication. 

I hope those in the corridors of power are listening.  Will someone please tell them, not that I think Gordon Brown would be interested at the moment, but David Cameron just might!  Keep well Jeanne  Hambleton


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