Fibro what and Folly Pogs


Sorry I have neglected you but I have been a bit busy – where does the time go? I bring you good news about Fibro What?  The words Fibro What have proved a success and folk seem to love the slogan. As a result I have been requested to provide tee shirts and these are now available in white and red. Fibro What? tee shirts are available in red and white; but My F Word – Fibromyalgia is only available in red.


With plastic bags disappearing or becoming precious in the supermarket we felt tote bags had a future for us and would offer a great advertising opportunity. So we now have totes with both slogans – Fibro What and My F Word.  Apart from raising awareness and helping to fund research for FM, we must be seen to be a bit ‘green’ and the totes were thought to be in line with this idea. Fibromyalgia Support Groups up and down the country have bought lots of totes and we hope this has meant more people are becoming aware of this rotten invisible disability. If you want more details, cost, sizes or pictures email 


Well how have you been? The warm sunshine has certainly helped my aches and pains. I feel so much better when the weather is good. I hate the cold and wet weather and on bad days I just want to snuggle down under the duvet – don’t we all?


Another bit of news for those who live in the south of England, anywhere near Chichester, we are starting a new support group called the East Hants Borders Fibromyalgia Philanthropists Support Group-what a mouthful? We really just call ourselves the Folly Pogs – we don’t need reminding we have fibromyalgia thanks very much.


We are dedicated to fund raising for research but are happy to share our support with fibromites with monthly social lunches. Of course it could develop from there subject to how many people join us and what these fibromites want. Also what they are prepared to do towards it. So it is all very exciting. Initially we hope to meet at The Selsey Tram public house for lunch and chat. This is off the A27, about half a mile down the A.286. At the first mini roundabout turn left towards Selsey and the Tram is on your left.  You could enjoy a run down to the coast (about 7 miles) while you are in this direction, or a look at Chichester, the other side of the roundabout. You can bring your husband, wife or carer – these folk are almost as involved with FM as we are. 


With enough support the first meeting could be on a Thursday in July. If you are interested and can get to Chichester please email me on but if you remember please put FIBRO LUNCH in the subject. Please let me know who is the fibromite and who else is coming with you. Thanks.


Talking about fund raising the Folly Pogs Ball is planned for Friday September 12th at the Chichester Park Hotel, Westhampnett – just off the A27 near Chichester.  This will be an exciting evening with a celebrity comedy cabaret, dinner, dancing, lots of fun, joy, mirth and merriment.  It will be a good evening and we hope it will become an annual event. The profits will go towards funding research and we are running a charity auction and hope to boost the research funds.  If you have any nice goodies you would like to donate – artwork, pictures, trinkets, collectables, please email me. We would be grateful for any help. 


If you would like to join us, we would love to see you, by the coach load, as a party of ten or 12, or as a couple. If it is your birthday in September, or anniversary or you have a reason to mark a special occasion why not share your celebrations with us. I am sure 250 people will be happy to sing Happy birthday to you or maybe Congratulations and Jubilation.


We are hoping to have some special guests to bring some sparkle to the evening so it should be lots of fun. Rooms at the hotel for a stay over are available. There is also a holiday break for two at the hotel to be won. 


Although we are not actually moving mountain at present, we are moving in the right direction.  Why not join us and become a Folly Pog?  We look forward to hearing from you. Tickets for the ball are £30 and should be available   from mid June. You can book a table for 10- or 12 if required. Write soon. Take care. Jeanne.


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