by Jeanne Hambleton© 2008

NFA Leader Against Pain – International Advocate


How often have we all said we are sick of folk saying ‘fibro what’ when we try to describe how we feel? Help is at hand! It is now set to music and you just hand those folk the new Fibro What? singles CD and sit back and listen.


Not only will they hear the upbeat lyrics comedy singer song writer Dom Collins has set to music, all about our invisible condition, aches and pains, but you can both listen to three cheeky tongue in cheek songs donated by our man from Manchester, and have a good giggle. Laughter is the best medicine they say.


Our bright lad, well known on the northern circuits for his good clean humour and funny songs about every day life, has written the Fibro What song to help his friend, fibromite Christine Thomson.


“I wanted to do something to raise awareness for May 12 and when Dom offered to help I was delighted. I am fed up with the lack of government funding and doctors still telling us it is all in our heads, and I am anxious everyone should know more about our invisible disability. I also felt it was important to highlight the need for research to find a cure. So the proceeds from sales will go towards Jeanne Hambleton’s new book PAIN 24/7 The Fibromyalgia Jigsaw  ©, due to be published in the summer, as the sales money from the book will go to research. The more books we sell the more money for research,” said Chris.


While climbing the ladder of success, Dom’s charity work has also been recognised by several Royals, HM the Queen, HRH Princess Charles, the Princess Royal HRH Princess Ann and HRH Prince Edward, as well as PM Gordon Brown and David Cameron, Leader of the Opposition. Dom has received lovely letters of support  from Buckingham Palace and the MPs for his charity work for the Army Benevolent Fund (NW) from the Royals. To see the letters and find out about the background to the WWI favourite ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and it’s author Jack Judge log on to Dom’s website – The Jack Judge  song was 95 years old this year.  Needless to say copies of Fibro What will be on the way to Buckingham Palace.


Holding a new contract with a well-known agent Dom expects to be busy playing, singing and making people laugh for the foreseeable future.  His reviews compare him to Mike Harding and Richard Digance and claim Dom will go far. With a cheeky grin Dom told us he loves to entertain and is available for any special occasion from divorces, funerals, vasectomies, wedding, birthdays and corporate affairs.


Both Chris and I are delighted to have worked with Dom in these early stages of his future career and one behalf of almost two million fibromites, we cannot thank him enough for simply caring and helping to raise awareness about fibromyalgia.


Delighted with the new CD, which uses her photographs, Chris wants to offer the new CD to Fibromyalgia Support Groups to sell and play on May 12 at the special events to raise awareness about this rotten disability. This would also make sure individual fibromites have the chance to buy a copy.


For more details about Dom and his work log on to If you click MY SPACE top right hand corner you will hear some of the funny backing tracks and a verse or two from the new Fibro What CD. The tracks include “A Girl called Chips”, “Can you lend me a tenner, Dad?” and “Does my ar.. look big in these?”


Copies of the new CD Fibro What are available from and will cost £3.75 plus £1 p&p for a UK packing and postage…total £4.75. Overseas postage will be advised.  We hope you enjoy the Fibro What? CD and that your friends want you to buy a copy for them. You don’t have to have fibromyalgia to have a good laugh with Dom Collins as well as supporting our mission.  The proceeds will help research and maybe lead to a cure. Listen our for the new Fibro what CD on local radio stations.


But Fibro What? CD is just part of the story?  As mentioned by Chris there is a new fibromyalgia book on the way later this year. Written as a labour of love and self-published to preserve as much money as possible, sales money will contribute to research to find a cure for fibromyalgia – the pain we live with for the rest of our lives. May 12 is International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and we hope that you and your friends will be listening and laughing with Dom’s cheeky songs and selling copies to other folk to support the cause.


With the present government making no effort to put aside a substantial sum of money for research, we have to do it ourselves with help from friends like you. Thank you. Take care Jeanne.


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