by Jeanne Hambleton © Without prejudice
NFA Leader Against Pain

Last month I wrote the sad story of a German Shepherd dog called Congo who had been sentenced to death, and who is now on a temporary reprieve awaiting a final verdict.

His crime was doing what all dogs do – protecting the ones he loved – his family while in his own garden. Congo was alleged to have attacked a landscaper who the owners claim had attacked his mistress, and his puppies and the female German Shepherd.

On a video of a CBS TV report from the American News Channel 25 Congo was shown playing ball as a normal family pet with the James children, while posing no threat to the TV film crew or the on scene reporter in the 10 acre garden where the dog is confined pending sentence.

Congo is still awaiting news of whether he will be let off or if he will be condemned to death for doing what comes naturally, protecting his own family at home.

Meanwhile the court is reported to have said nothing will happen to Congo until an appeal is heard by a higher court. It is thought this will now be scheduled for the New Year.

While Congo waits unaware of what the future might hold, worldwide support to save him pours into Princeton while people continue to sign the petition to SAVE CONGO.

The James family who are glad of the support from dog lovers everywhere, believe Congo did the right thing protecting his family, but others in the television interview are quoted as saying they believe any dog that bites is unsafe.

As a reporter I would ask, ‘Is this regardless of the circumstances?’

To me this sounds like sentencing someone to death before you have actually listened to what they are saying. Congo was after following his natural instinct – to protect. It is claim this was not an unprovoked attack. Here in the UK we are considered innocent until proven guilty – hopefully with a fair trial. But I understand one court official has confirmed that Congo will have a fair hearing.

Glen and Elizabeth James, Congo’s owners, have vowed to fight all the way to save their two-year-old beloved pet.

I am delighted CBS TV News have highlighted Congo’s story on their channel and website and included a video with pictures of Congo and an interview with the family.

My thanks to Diane for sending me the first news about Congo and to FMS Global News who circulated the news worldwide to help us gain support to SAVE CONGO.

I will be keeping an eye on this story and let you know if Congo’s story has a happy ending. I hope so. Talk soon Jeanne

To look at the recent video of the story a reported by CBS TV News follow this link.

If you would like to read the original stories published on November 15 and 20 log on to


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