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Have you ever come across the R.E.S.C.I.N.D. website. Started in the 1990s by Tom Hennessy (now a very sick man who thought up the idea of an International Awareness Day – May 12) and his friends Nancy Solo, Paula Carnes, Maryka Ford, Lucie Dorais, Roger Burns and Chip Davis

It is important that I stress no copyright infringement is meant as this is not published for any financial gain, however I do have the permission of Tom Hennessy to use material from the websites.

But possibly due to Tom’s long and protracted illness the site has found a new home and appears to have been revamped. We wish you well Tom.

It appears this site is right up to date with the latest news about the problems associated with the Gulf War Syndrome and CFS/ME, FMS and other related problems thanks to Eileen Marshall and Margaret Williams. I have apparently missed this news in my two newspapers. Perhaps I should give up reading the comic strips. But seriously….

Obviously a public inquiry relating to the Gulf War Syndrome has been rumbling on for some time and eventually the Lloyd Report from the Public Inquiry, carried out by the Rt. Hon. Lord Lloyd of Berwick, was published in November 2004. The brief was “To investigate the circumstances that have led to the ill health and in some cases death, of over 6,000 British troops following deployment to the first Gulf War, and to report on it.”

For more details of the report look at the Gulf War Illnesses Public Inquiry website.

According to the new R.E.S.C.I.N.D. website at ‘geocities’ above and Eileen Marshall and Margaret Williams and

The Ministry of Defence is to officially recognise Gulf War Syndrome after a 17-year campaign for justice by ex-military servicemen.

For 17 years the Ministry of Defence refused to recognise that Gulf War Syndrome existed. However, now Defence Minister Lord Drayson has backed down following pressure by Manchester peer Lord Morris.

Lord Drayson said: “The issue of Gulf War Syndrome will be fully recognised by the Ministry of Defence and I accept on behalf of the MoD that this issue has not been handled well from the

“The department was slow to recognise the emerging ill-health issues and to put measures in place to address them. We have apologised for this and I repeat that apology today.”

The belated apology has come too late for many servicemen. Thanks to government cover-ups many of these servicemen lost their lives for serving their country.

The website claims the Ministry of Defence are experts at covering up their failures and obstructing justice – now they need to follow the recommendations in the Lloyd Report and compensate the servicemen who suffered Gulf War Syndrome.

Watch the video “Gulf War Syndrome – Killing Our Own”:
If you log on to this website you can see the video.

Linking with this address you can keep the pressure on Gordon Brown too by signing this petition.

Before you do, it is interesting to read this website’s definition of the Gulf War Syndrome symptoms – sounds familiar?

Gulf War illnesses are a collection of disorders that for the most part can be
diagnosed and treated, if effective programs exist to assist veterans, and in some
cases their immediate family members. Although these illnesses are complex and have
multi-organ signs and symptoms, a proportion of these patients can be identified as
having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) and/or Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS).
Nicolson GL, Nicolson NL, Institute for Molecular Medicine

Log on to this address for access to the petition

and click where it talks about Gordon Brown and the petition. This will take you to
In the Search box type Gulf War Syndrome Petition and click Search
This will reveal a number of on-line petitions but the one you want is the first one
“Gulf War Syndrome Implement the Recommendations of the Lloyd Report” and this will reveal the petition. It takes no time at all and you are asked to verify your signature. So easy all on line.
Do remember these lads are fellow sufferers who fought for their country. They need our support. I believe it has been running about 5 weeks and it has a poor 95 signatures. We can do better than that, can’t we?

It reads:
To: Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister
***************************************************************************Petition British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to implement the recommendations of The Lloyd Report on Gulf War Syndrome *************************************************************************** The gauntlet laid down for Gordon Brown:

Some 250,000 of the returning allied forces from the first Gulf War in 1991 (15 per cent) went down with illness that they insist was related to their service in that war. Of these, 10,000 are already dead.

Successive governments over the years have refused to recognise the existence of a single condition called Gulf War Syndrome and so the impasse continues.

On 14 June 2004 it was announced that there was to be a Public Inquiry into the illnesses suffered by veterans returning home from the first Gulf War.

This public inquiry was chaired by The Rt Hon The Lord Lloyd Of Berwick and on 17 November 2004, the inquiry published its report -The Lloyd Report on Gulf War Illnesses, commonly referred to now as The Lloyd Report.

The following are the 3 R’s of The Lloyd Report that Gordon Brown needs to accept:

1. REALISATION – realisation it IS Gulf War Syndrome
Paragraph 283 of the Lloyd Report:
283. It seems to us that with the termination of any legal proceedings against the MOD, and with the results of the three epidemiological surveys to hand, now is the time to reach agreement with the veterans. This was the strong thrust of Lord Craigís evidence. The MOD could initiate the process by taking the following steps: –
(1) The MOD should acknowledge publicly that the veterans who have made _claims (other than the 272 who have had their claims rejected) are indeed _suffering injury or disease as a result of their service in the Gulf.
(2) Since the name of the injury or disease is only a label for wrapping the _symptoms from which the veterans are undoubtedly suffering, the Ministry of _Defence should accept the name favoured by the veterans, i.e. Gulf War _Syndrome, as the most convenient label. _

2. RECOMPENSE – recompense Veterans

Paragraph 283 of the Lloyd Report continues:
(3) The MOD should set up a fund out of which ex gratia payments should be _made on a pro-rata basis to all those who have made successful claims.
(4) The 272 Claimants who have had their claims rejected should have those _claims reviewed in the light of this report.

3. RECOMMENDATION – The Government needs to follow the Recommendations of The Lloyd Report

Paragraph 224 of the Lloyd Report: _…. the picture is already sufficiently clear to enable the MOD to acknowledge forthwith that the illnesses of the Gulf War veterans, who have had their claims accepted, are attributable to their service in the Gulf. To wait for further research into the pathology would, after fourteen years (***now 16 years***), be a denial of justice to the veterans.

Is it no wonder that Dr B has been in touch with Sir Sean Connery, Jerry Weintraub, SKG and others with A View To A …Film! What happened to Nixon after Watergate and All the Presidents Men?

This year we have seen pressure on the Government as follows:
*28 January 2007: Wartime “forces sweetheart” Dame Vera Lynn branded the “endless” legal wrangling over payments to veterans of the first Gulf War a scandal. Dame Vera and ex-Formula One champion Sir Jackie Stewart wrote to the then Chancellor, Gordon Brown, accusing the Ministry of Defence of “haggling”.

*8 May 2007: A recent poll of 121 MPs from all parties found that more than 70 per cent thought that the Government’s actions towards ex-Service people suffering from Gulf War Illnesses had been very poor or inadequate.

The Lloyd Report resume also nails the need as follows: _
“10. We come last to the question of compensation. This did not figure largely in the evidence of the veterans themselves. But it figured in the evidence of Lord Craig, Major General Craig, Paul Tyler MP, Michael Mates MP, Colonel Terence English and others. Lord Craig (Lord Craig of Radley, Marshal of the Royal Air Force, Chief of the Defence Staff throughout the Gulf War) said that the absence of closure after so many years was now indefensible. ‘A little magnanimity’ was called for, and an ‘imaginative one-off approach’. Mr Mates told us that what was needed was a political act of will.

“A minister has to say ‘this will be done’ and then it is done.”

We call on Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to intervene now, without further delay

If you wish to call on Gordon Brown for “a little magnanimity”, to implement the recommendations of The Lloyd Report, then this is the petition to sign!

The Undersigned

I believe this is just wonderful news and I really hope it does materialises. Let us also hope this a precedent and will bring benefit to our soldiers who are currently at war elsewhere on our behalf.

There is lots more to read on the Internet if you type in Gulf War Syndrome petition.

Please sign now – tell your friends, family, everyone you email, stir up some magnificent support. Our troops deserve our backing – it would seem the Government has been slow in giving them any backing.

Do it now. I have. Jeanne


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