by Jeanne Hambleton ©
NFA Leader Against Pain & Fibromyalgia Advocate

I know we maybe a little tired of reading about the little English girl, Maddie, who disappeared while on holiday with her parents in Portugal some six months ago, but this morning here in the UK, an email arrived from a friend in America urging me to remind folk to keep looking for Maddie.

You may have a young grandchild, who is pretty or good-looking. Could it happen to your grandchild? Try as we might you cannot watch them 24/7. In a split second they can be lost in a superstore – round a corner, out of view. There are always dangers. Mothers mind your children.

According to the UK newspapers, those who are holding Maddie, may have dyed her hair brown or a different colour, cut it to make her look like a boy, and dressed her in boys clothes, to avoid suspicion. She will however still have the same ‘q’ shaped eye defect.

This little girl’s story has been on the front of our UK newspapers almost EVERY day for the past six months. Whatever you might think happened; no matter what your views are about who and what was involved; the fact remains this little girl is still MISSING – and we hope presumed ALIVE.

I dread to think what this sweet little 4 year old must be going through if she is alive and I know this trauma may live with her for evermore, but as parents or grandparents, we would want help from everybody and anybody if this happened to a member of our family.

PLEASE remind everyone you know that we should STILL be looking for Maddie. The short video I was sent of Maddie is easy to look at and there is one special photograph of her looking down, which is very memorable. If you are a big softie, you might need a kleenex.

The titles tell us Maddie was on holiday with her family, having fun, but “somebody took me away”. The different pictures tell us she is missing her Mummy and Daddy very much and wants to go home. Those looking at the video are asked to contact their local police station if they see Maddie or ring CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.

For Maddie’s sake tell your friends, family and everybody. Please make Maddie’s picture memorable until she is found.

I realise you are all busy people – so am I – but I am a parent and my heart goes out to this little girl. What can she possibly have done to deserve this?

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED. It will take just a few minutes to remind those you know. PLEASE DO IT NOW. Yes she could be anywhere?

There is also a website – – and Google is full of references to Maddie – but I could not track down the video.

If you would like to see this video, send your email address asking for the Maddie video, in the Comments box, and I will forward this to you. Please be patient if there is a big demand – I am just out of hospital and not quite up to speed yet. Maddie does need our help – yours and mine.

Thanks for your time. Jeanne


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