by Jeanne Hambleton ©

As a writer and the moderator of a fibromyagia forum ( I read about all sorts of things that touch the lives of those with fibromyalgia. I felt this story would really help to raise awareness about fibromyalgia and those who suffer with it.

The forum post entitled “Can I be cheeky?” asked me to vote on line for a singing duo in an instant pop star competition. This was certainly a fibro first and although not my kind of music, I decided to add my vote as I felt it deserved all the support I could give it. Now I am looking for your support for someone who can only be described as a “good kid” but read on and judge for yourself.

The request to vote for Cass and Jess singing ‘These Words’ on came to me from a fibromite who describes herself as a “daft mum” – but aren’t we all dotty about our own children.

Cassie, who is 15 years old, took her GCSE a year early and got a B and although she hopes to have a professional career when she leaves school, she also has secret aspirations to be a pop star. But besides working hard at school she also cares for her fibromyalgic mother “when the going gets bad” and her 10 year old brother who has hypermobility syndrome.

“She’s been one special little girl her entire life. Since I became ill she has been my rock. She helps me get dressed, does my hair ……. you know the drill, when things are bad. I would just like her to see how much her mom thinks of her really,” wrote Jakerleen who lives in the East Birmingham area of the UK.

Jakerleen has been busy canvassing votes for Cass and Jess who were rated at 133rd and now stand at 87. Jakerleen thinks it would be great to see them nearer the top – maybe number one?

“It’s just that she’s such a fantastic kid, been there for me and her dad through thick and thin ……… of late life has been very thin for her and she works so hard at everything,” Jakerleen said.

But life has not been easy for Jakerleen who said, “My GP kept sending me away. Then we had a new doctor in the surgery and he sent me to rheumatologist. Two appointments later I was told I have fibromyalgia, with lupus and HMS (hypermobility syndrome – another invisible illness) with pains in my hands and legs. But the fibromyalgia affects my daily living much worse than anything else.”

To make things even more complicated Cass’s 10 year old brother, Dominic also has HMS, has trouble sleeping and has started sleep walking and suffering with nightmares. His mother is now wondering if Dom too has fibromyalgia?
“He has always shouted out in his sleep, and I know that with fibro the sleep is a huge part of it, so we are keeping our eyes on him,” said his mum.

I asked Jakerleen what she would do if Cass became famous and got a recording contract?

“If she got famous I would miss her something awful …….. and fame is a long shot. Cass is looking at being either a police officer or a teacher,” said Jakerleen.

So if you think this fibromalgic mum and her daughter Cass deserve a break, log on to search for Cass and vote for Cass and Jess singing ‘These Words’ before 30th September 2007.


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