Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. Hi Folks – I live in the UK – faraway from the north and I am fortunate not to be among those poor people who have been flooded with the recent deluges of rain and rivers bursting their banks. I feel for them and have friends in that position – for the second time. Farmers have lost acres and acres of crops so fresh vegetable prices will rise. Insurance claims have been high, so our premiums will all increase – but we are warm and dry in our own homes so we should not complain.

I am married with 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren – the youngest is a little rascal of 18 months old. No matter what I tidy up he untidys. He has quickly learnt that I am the only one who will give him access to Cbeebies 24/7 on my computer. They are very cute even at this age – he certainly knows which side his bread is buttered. If Mummy won’t, Nanna might…. in fact she almost certainly will…

I have been a journalist all my working life and have never stopped writing, altho I have spent 17 years in local government. During that time I also edited a clerk’s magazine for 7 years – would you believe it was called The Clerk. This was for parish and town clerks. Today I write as an advocate and educationalist about fibromyalgia – this is a syndrome I have suffered with since 2002. You can Google me to see what I have been writing about since then.

For 5 years I have been researching fibromyalgia, gathering all the information I can, and I am now writing a UK book without any commission, self published and with money from sales to go to research to find a cure. More about that another time but you can read a bit more about the book in my profile.

I have lots to tell – people say I am over qualified if I apply for a job. I have been a wedding photographer, taken baby portraits, was a fashion editor, film critic and even a TV critic as well as a Town Clerk and a local councillor. So I have been pretty busy over the years. But maybe the over qualified comment was a polite way of saying ‘No Thanks’.

I enjoy good humour – have you heard th one about the……no I won’t go into that at this moment but watch this space. They say a really good laugh – a belly laugh – is as good as an aerobic work out and I can do that in my armchair – hooray – much better for the FM aches and pains.

As usual I have done things back to front and had already written the first post before the introduction. Hope it all makes sense and there are not too many typos due to my fibro fog…but I am sure you will get my drift.

I will keep in touch and look forward to some comments. Take care and keep well

From the desk of Jeanne’s 77.


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